About Moreau Family Law Professional Corporation

We are passionate about helping our clients achieve timely, cost effective and rewarding results to their Family Law issues. We bring energy and compassion to the resolution of our client’s Family Law issues and believe in a reasonable, practical approach in every case. We carefully listen to the needs of our clients and tailor our approach to meet each client’s specific goals. 

We are committed to treating our clients with dignity and respect and we expect the same in return. Every file is approached with the client’s unique circumstances in mind. We will explore alternative dispute resolution options with each client and strive to achieve low cost, low conflict resolutions, whenever possible. When necessary, however, we will not hesitate to recommend litigation and will readily assist our clients with all aspects of their litigation needs.

Serving Simcoe County and beyond.

Forward thinking. Clear Advice. Positive Resolution.

We are here to listen

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